Masks & Face Coverings

What’s the difference?

Face coverings include any cloth cover that stops respiratory emissions from your nose and mouth. They can be specially crafted, or it can just be a bandana. They don’t protect you from infection, but if everyone wears one when in public (like, at the shops or the post office), then the virus will slow its spread. Current government advice is to wear a face covering in public.

Face masks do the same as above, but also stop the virus from being breathed in. This is because they contain a non-woven layer which acts as a filter. Masks also generally fit better around the nose to close any gaps. If you are front-line staff, masks will be more efficient at protecting you, although please note that these are usually not better than PPE. But with PPE shortages, it’s better than a simple face covering or nothing at all.

Where can I get some in Todmorden?

Face coverings

Face coverings are being made by the community and distributed at the following pay-as-you-feel shops in Todmorden and Cornholme. All donations are given to The Real Junk Food Project, who intercept waste food (that’s still perfectly good) from supermarkets and distribute it to people in need, food banks and schools.

Todmorden Kindess Hub
New location!
Todmorden Community Resource Centre
Lever Street OL14 5QF
Monday 2-6pm
Wednesday & Friday 12-3pm

Cornholme Kindness Hub
Vale Baptist Church
Burnley Road OL14 8PJ
Tuesday & Thursday 12-3pm

Walsden Mini-hub
145 Hollins Road, OL14 6QF
Tuesday & Thursday 1 – 5pm

Please note: Opening times are subject to change. If you’re on Facebook, check the Todmorden Kindess or Your.Tod.Squad groups for up-to-date information.

Face masks

If you work in healthcare and require a set of masks for you and your colleagues, get in touch with Scrubs Hub Todmorden on facebook.

Scrubs Hub Todmorden are registered with Scrubs For Calderdale GPs, and provide scrubs, masks, scrub caps and wash bags to healthcare workers, at no cost. These are made voluntarily by experienced machinists in the community.

Otherwise, ready-made masks can be bought from the following local independent businesses:

Kits containing all the materials you’ll need to make your own are also available from A Stitch in Time Haberdashery.

Please feel free to suggest other local businesses by contacting Cat Byrne on Messenger or by email.

How can I help make them?

Face coverings

You don’t need a sewing machine to help make face coverings for the community, just basic hand sewing skills, and an iron for making pleats.

We highly recommend this video on YouTube which explains the process, although we recommend folding the hem twice (rather than just once), as this helps the mask not fall apart as quickly in the wash.

As this requires extra fabric, the updated fabric measurements are:

  • SMALL (kids): 16cm x 32cm
  • MEDIUM (women & teenagers): 18cm x 36cm
  • LARGE (men): 20cm x 40cm

If you have suitable elastic, the measurements in the video are correct:

  • SMALL: 15cm each (you can also use new hair elastics)
  • MEDIUM: 17cm each
  • LARGE: 19cm each

But if like me, you’re struggling to find elastic, there is another way! I’ve been making adjustable ties with T-shirt yarn (which you can make yourself from T-shirts). The ties are adjustable because of a sliding knot, and are super comfortable to wear. I made a terrible video explaining how. I actually prefer these to elastic ties now.

If you do decide you want to help make these, I recommend packaging them individually in zip-lock food bags, including these Size Labels and Instructions.

Get in touch with me on Messenger or by email, and I will happily share materials and adjustable ties.

Face masks

If you have a sewing machine, and are comfortable using it, then please consider joining Scrubs Hub Todmorden. They make masks and other essentials free of charge for healthcare workers.


We are currently seeking:

  • 100% cotton fabric (oddments welcome)
  • Polycotton fabric
  • 100% cotton Men’s shirts (each one makes at least 7 face coverings!)
  • Good condition bedding and pillow covers (cotton or polycotton)
  • Interfacing
  • Overlock thread

Resources are shared between Todmorden Kindess and Scrubs Hub!

Donations can be given to Cat Byrne or Mary Clear.