As more shops and services re-open June 2020, this website is not being updated.

Jointly supported by Your.Tod.Squad (details on the left, below) and the Todmorden Kindness covid19 helpgroup (details on the right, below), this website has been set up to provide ways to give and find help and kindness in Todmorden during the Covid-19 crisis. It’s a work in progress, please be patient. See the links above for food, meals, ideas and agencies. Note you may need to scroll down to see the full list of shops or takeaways. Use Contact to suggest more or correct errors.



A group where you can get help from local people in Todmorden with your day-to-day needs while the world deals with CoronaVirus.

Don’t suffer unnecessarily, drop us a message or phone call if you need someone to come by and help out / pick up your shopping / walk the dogs / pick up prescriptions / have a chat on the phone because isolation is dull AF or even clear a passage through your house because you LITERALLY cannot move for toilet rolls and pasta.

In case it needs saying, this is all based on good will and is voluntary.

Email: your.tod.squad@gmail.com
Phone: 07951 445348

As we have exceeded 200 volunteers, we are closing the registration form for two weeks, please check back as we expect that this is far from over and there will be plenty to do in the near future. In the mean time, you can still offer to help Calderdale Council here. (link to Council site)

To request assistance of any kind, please complete and submit this form:


Our initiative ‘Apocalypse chow’ provides fresh produce and meals at cost, details here.


Tod kindness group

Kindness in crisis… need anything? Just say… shopping doing? Someone can help… a Todmorden group for helping each other during the current climate. We’re still active on Facebook, and we’ve merged our help services with Your.Tod.Squad.

Kindness sign

If you need help, or you want to volunteer to help, please register with Your.Tod.Squad (see left).

Masks & Face Coverings

Find out where reusable masks and face coverings are available in Todmorden.